Panya Lokasmi Pajjoto

        Wisdom is the Light of the World



        "Offering Buddhist education integrating Buddhism with modern sciences and applying to social and mental development"



        "To provide Tipitaka studies and higher education for monks, novices and laity"



        "Center for Buddhist Studies Lanna arts and culture at ASEAN level"



        Mission 1: To produce quality graduates According to the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (TQF: Hed), using Buddhist principles integrated into the teaching and learning process. To obtain quality graduates it is following the aim of the National Education Development Plan that provides education as a mechanism for developing human resources to become citizens. (There are 4 components, namely character traits and desirable behaviors. having important bodies of knowledge in the 21st century; having learning skills in the 21st century And there are 9 desirable Graduate characteristics according to the new characteristics of graduates as follows:

        1) M = Morally

        2) A = Awareness

        3) H = Helpfulness

        4) A = Ability

        5) C = Curiosity

        6) H = Hospitality

        7) U = Universality

        8) L = Leadership

        9) A = Aspiration


        Mission 2: Research and Development. Research and development involve conducting research and creating knowledge, as well as fostering innovation in conjunction with the teaching and learning process. Our focus lies in advancing knowledge in Tripitaka, utilizing interdisciplinary approaches to apply this knowledge in solving societal problems, addressing moral and ethical dilemmas, and enhancing the quality of academic works in Buddhism. To achieve these goals, we collaborate with renowned educational institutions, both domestic and international. This collaboration aims to improve the quality of researchers and their research endeavors to meet international standards. By working together, we strive to effectively enhance the overall quality of research and ensure its global significance.


        Mission 3: Promoting Buddhism and Academic Services to Society. The mission to promote Buddhism and academic services to society aligns with the aspirations of establishing the university. This involves enhancing various activities that are conducive to promoting Sangha affairs, supporting the creation of knowledge, and fostering understanding of Buddhist doctrines. Additionally, it aims to instill moral consciousness and ethics among the people through the organization of meetings, seminars, and training programs to develop monks and religious personnel. These efforts are crucial for maintaining and spreading the doctrine, as well as forming the foundation for the holistic development of the mind.


        Mission 4: Preservation of Arts and Culture. The mission of preserving arts and culture involves promoting and developing learning resources that foster education. Buddhism is utilized as a mechanism to raise awareness and instill pride in being Thai. Additionally, it aims to promote and support the application of local wisdom as a foundation for achieving balance and sustainable development.


Strategic Plan

        1. Foster graduates with quality and virtue.

        2. Foster research and creative work.

        3. Enhance academic services to society that meet national and ASEAN standards.

        4. Promote the advancement of Buddhism.

        5. Improve the management of integrated Buddhist organizations.

        6. Transform the Chiang Mai Campus into a green university.